Pacifica Cheer frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of the Booster Club?

Booster Club is an enrichment program. We raise funds to pay for the activities the cheerleaders participate in. It is the foundation of the social activities and supplies for the cheer team. Funds raised are used for social events (team dinners), activities, competition fees, supplies and the end of the year banquet. Please read the Booster Clubs By-Laws for further information.

Why is attending the Booster Meetings beneficial?

This is the best avenue in which to stay informed as to what is happening, not only in the social department, game and activity dates, competitions, supplies needed and program changes.

What if I have a question regarding clarity of the Booster By-Laws?

You may contact a booster board member; ask at any booster meeting, or a seasoned parent.

What does a team mom/dad do? And how does someone become team mom/dad?

A Team mom/dad is an appointed position, appointed by the coach and advisor. If you are interested in becoming a team mom/dad please let the advisor know. The advisor and the coaches will make a decision and appoint the team mom/dad.

Duties for team mom include; organizing snack schedules for football and basketball games. Keeping in close contact with the board and passing all pertinent information to your team parents, organizing any car pooling and team dinners necessary for your team. (JV and freshman usually only have a Homecoming Dinner to plan, as their games are played in the afternoon prior to dinner time.) You are also you teams birthday bandit. Team moms take pictures and video whenever possible because Team moms should also be on the memory book committee.

What is a birthday bandit?

A birthday bandit delivers a Happy Birthday sign to the front lawn of a birthday girl first thing in the morning (prior to the cheerleader going to school). When she leaves her house that day she finds a Happy Birthday Wish from PHS Cheer.

What is the memory book?

It is a kind of cheerleading yearbook. A work in progress through the year. Everyone contributes pictures to include in the memory book.

Why do we carpool?

To save money and promote team spirit, car pooling is our most efficient way to travel. Busses will be provided for Camp and for Varsity away games only.

I would like to help out with car pooling, who do I notify?

Garden Grove School District requires that any parent driving other students to a school event must first submit paperwork to ensure that you are adequately insured, which protects yourself and the school. The forms are not difficult to fill out and require a photocopy of your liabilities page.

Is my participation in the fund raisers mandatory?

The Fireworks stand is our most time consuming event and our largest fund raiser. We ask that all parents work 2 shifts per cheerleader they have in PHS cheer or fill shifts by a volunteer 18 years of age or older.

Not all fund raisers necessarily require your time. Some may only need a food donation. Often times only a small number of parents are needed. We will strive to spread the load evenly as possible so the same parents are not always carrying the burden every time. However, you are able to volunteer and participate as much and as often as you would like!

All of our fund raisers require team work and positive attitudes. It's also a great time to catch up with other parents and build friendships too.

What is escrip?

Escrip is a income generating program. There is NO cost to you to sign up. Sign up yourself, your spouse, your mom, your dad, your neighbor.... Go online, sign up (its free) and register your Vons card and other credit cards, if you wish and name the "Pacifica Cheer Boosters" as your program to benefit. Now every time they shop with their Vons card or other registered credit card with the escrip affiliated businesses, that business will donate a percentage of the sale to us. Its free money to us. People need only shop as they normally would and money gets deposited into our account. Click the picture to the right to sign up now!

Boosters is hosting a Dinner, may the parents attend?

There are times when the coaches want to have some bonding time with just the girls. Apart from that, Parents are always welcome to Booster events unless stated otherwise.

How do I find out the time and location for a game?

Check the website calendar at . click on the event. Details for time, location and a link mapping the destination will come up. Also,your team mom should have all the information as soon as the leagues set the schedule.

Generally speaking:

  • J.V cheer at all home freshman and jv games (PHS field)**. Usually on Thurs. or Fridays at 3:15 p.m ...Check calendar link for dates times and additional information
  • Varsity cheers at all home (Bolsa Grande Stadium, 9401 Westminster Ave, G.G.) and away Varsity Football Games. Mostly on Friday Nights at 7:00 p.m.
**All squads cheer at the first game, Homecoming Varsity Football Game, Clinic Varsity Game, and Senior nights

For Basketball, the coaches will determine the cheer schedule and team moms will distribute these to the parents. Due to the amount of Basketball games played, coaches may divide a squad to cover as many as possible.

What competitions do we participate in?

The competition venues are chosen by the advisor and coaches. Any venue within distance of a day trip can be considered.

Why dont we travel to competitions further away?

There are so many competition opportunities in Southern California, including 2 different National Competitions. Traveling would require additional fundraising and any trip over 100 miles or involving overnight lodging must be submitted to the Asst. Principal in charge of Athletics and requires District Board approval.

Who are the coaches employed by?

The coaches are employees of the district and receive a stipend from the district for their work.

My daughter is having difficulty with other girls on the squad, who does she discuss this with?

She should speak to the coach first. If not resolved, speak to the advisor. If still unsatisfied, speak to administration.

What if my daughters grades are falling, who do I talk to?

Schedule a meeting with the advisor. School grades must come first, and something can and should be worked out. Early intervention is highly recommended.

What is the protocol for addressing a question or an issue I have with the coach or cheer program or boosters?

  • For general questions - check the website at ,your team mom or any board member
  • If you have an issue with or question for the coach, contact the advisor.
  • If you have an issue with the program in general, contact the advisor.
  • If you do not feel you are receiving adequate help, contact the administration (Ms. Dhillon)
  • If you have an issue about Boosters. Contact a Board member, if not resolved timely, seek help with Advisor or Administration.